Healthy Minds, my Senior thesis, is an awareness campaign for not just women with breast cancer, but the world. The finale to our four years in The Design School at Arizona State University was the Senior Show, where we would display our learnings and our theses in exhibit form. With these exhibits, we were to design a book, a website, and takeaways for guests attending the show.


Our class of 44 students was broken up into different committees to tackle the responsibilities of putting on the Senior Show. One of the committees designed the structure of the exhibits to house two displays: one on each side. Using their blueprint, I set off to design my display. The initial part of the process was visiting the place that would be helping us bring our designs to fruition, Airpark Signs. There, I viewed materials and finishes before working on the actual design of my exhibit. I took my ideas and put them into Illustrator, where we then sent off the files to be made at Airpark.


I incorporated the wavy pattern as a means to communicate chaos in the mind. When sliding the circular plates in either direction, a statistic about breast cancer is revealed. The name of my campaign, "Healthy Minds" can also be read as "Heal thy Minds".

healthyminds-1 healthyminds-3 healthyminds-4 healthyminds-5