The objective of this project was to design a mobile application that would support time travel.


I started off with a mind map to get my thoughts down. I highlighted my favorite ideas and began design for the logo, using the name "McFly" for obvious reasons. I designed a circlular logo to carry on these themes. After some thumbnail sketches and wireframing, I moved onto visual design and incorporated annotations to communicate the interactions within the design.


For this application, I also utilized patterns from Material Design. My decision to use a color palette of purple, yellow-orange, and gray stems imagery found on One might think of NASA and immediately visualize their red, white, and blue logo. However, looking at images of the day on the NASA website, there are several photos of nebulas, stars, and supernovas. They are filled with pinks, purples, and blues. I didn't want the functionality to stop at simply choosing a date and time. I incorporated the option to travel to specific events and periods in history. There is also the ability to read about these events before choosing to visit.

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