Download Page Redesign



Previously, the download page for OneDrive was not the most user-friendly experience. Though the page was fluid, it was not responsive to different surfaces, devices and screen sizes. Certain components did not need to be surfaced on some devices and created confusion by giving the user too much information. The goal of this project was to simplify the experience while "sniffing" out operating systems and device types so that we could deliver an experience specific to each user that visited the page. Along with this, the page was not visually appealing and would also need a facelift.



As the sole designer on this project, I was responsible for researching design trends and concepting a new idea for the download page. This included both user experience and user interface duties. Because the download page had not been thought out in-depth, I created a new site map in order to navigate through this experience. This helped me to see which features were not necessary on certain operating systems and screen sizes. From there, I wireframed my idea and built a prototype in Axure. For handoff, I provided all necessary assets to the developer, the prototype, and high-fidelity comps in Adobe Illustrator.


The end result is a visually appealing, and illustration-focused experience. I wanted the page to be more engaging and interactive, so I incorporated hover states that display a colorful screen when hovering over the devices on the right. I also provided an alternative option for users interested in seeing all the devices in which OneDrive is available. This is using a dropdown menu that a user can then select a device of their choice. The user is then notified whether or not OneDrive is available on the device they are currently browsing in as well as instructions for downloading or launching the OneDrive application. See this project at

axuresss.png android_showcase.png