The OneDrive homepage was previously designed by an agency and our newly-formed Marketing Design Team at Microsoft decided to bring the project in-house. There were a few initial eyesores—centered text blocks as well as imagery that was not on-brand for the story we wanted to tell. The goal of this project was to do a complete overhaul of the site: both UX and UI.



Working with another designer, we assessed what information on the current page was needed and which parts we could get rid of. As the Marketing Design Team, it was also our responsibility to make sure we were showing any promotions or deals on the product in an easily-navigable experience. The other designer and I would have design explorations sessions and then share our ideas with each other. We would pick the best ones, iterate on them, collaborating on and combining our ideas. We'd then present to the larger design team. From there we took our feedback, and continued working through our designs, moving from wireframes to visual comps. I then fleshed out all the pages and delivered all comps and assets to the developer.


Our solution was one that felt much lighter than the previous design. As there was a lack of an overall presence of the brand, we reincorporated OneDrive blue throughout the site as well as animations to engage the user. We created a type ramp to unify styles so the design would be more cohesive. Another major player in the redesign of the site was photography. Though Microsoft values diversity, it is not always evident in their imagery. As a person of color, I found it vital to the redesign to choose photos that best represented our diverse users across the globe. See this project at

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