ShallWi is a mobile application designed to take the headache out of event planning. Many current applications make the initial planning part (date, time, and location) easy, but the users are bombarded with notifications and messages, even after the event has ended. The goal of this application is to combine multiple social media platform contacts to create a more personalized way of organizing and executing get-togethers.



After being provided with some general information, brand assets (previously done by another designer) and ideas by the product owners, I researched popular social media applications. It was important for me to assess which features set some mobile applications apart from others and how they could be improved for ShallWi. After consulting with the product owners, we worked together to put the general flow of the application into wireframes. I then applied visual design and presented the owners with high-fidelity comps. During the design process, it was important for me to think through and provide designs for a first run experience. Though these experiences should be intuitive, I think "hand-holding" is important to some degree when dealing with new applications and sites.


The design is bright and inviting. The ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter allows the user to populate ShallWi with friends and contacts. In three steps, you can plan your get-together: 1. Create an Event, 2. Invite and Share, and 3. Talk About It. The "Talk About It" is key. Once the event has been created and shared, a chat opens up for guests to communicate with other attendees. The catch is that the chat is only available for 30 minutes after the start of the event. This relieves a potential headache for the guests and allows them to enjoy the event without an onslaught of messages and notifications. To create an event, all the user has to do is tap the large action button with the ShallWi logo.

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