The 3000 Club is a charity that aims to provide medical supplies and rescue and redistribute produce to people in need. For a small fee, customers can get "all they can carry" worth of fresh fruits and vegetables. The "move" part was the catch—the location of these events changed every week. The 3000 Club was in need of rebranding as well as an update to the website to make sure that customers could easily find the next Market on the Move. This was a personal project that I wanted to do for fun. The site has since been redesigned.



I started with the redesigning of the logo. The current logo does not scale well. The typeface being used is not cohesive with the logomark. I worked on some sketches with different dimensions and sizes to make the logo more versatile, while incorporating the brand colors already being used. For the website, I reworked the convention in which people would locate the next Market on the Move and sourced imagery that could tell a more compelling story that a flat background.


I chose to combine a globe and a leaf to communicate the purpose of the charity. I accompanied this with a more legible typeface. I also provided a black version of the logo. The new Market on the Move locator is a toggle, that allows the user to select their region, Phoenix or Tucson. It would then display the locations available for the nearest Saturday. The toggle utilizes the green and orange in the logo to carry the branding throughout the site.

3000clubshowcase_logo 3000clubshowcase2