Thrive was part of my final Senior design project. The goal was to combine all of our learnings throughout the four-year program with our thesis. My Senior thesis was about the need for psychological care for breast cancer patients and their families. As a person who lost their mother at a very young age to the disease, I am very familiar with the toll it takes on a family. And this is not just a feeling that comes when the battle is lost. The journey through treatment is most certainly in need of emotional care. I tell this story in my book.


The theme of my thesis was built around energy—the need for positive energy. Though I am no stranger to the statistics and facts surrounding breast cancer, I conducted intensive research on the disease, health care and programs aimed to improve the morale of patients and their families. Using photos of my research as well as my own personal photos of my mother, I laid out my thoughts and ideas, using InDesign.


The book is 12 x 12 inches, paperback.

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