FIFA 17 Post Launch Email Campaign



Xbox asked us to create an email campaign, post launch of the release of the wildly popular game, FIFA 17. The goal was to generate more interest and highlight the newest features of the game. The feature that was gaining a lot of press was the ability to control a player. Each decision you make as a player of the game, would affect the way Alex Hunter, the character in the game, lives his life as a football superstar.



This project began with a lot of research. I spent a lot of time on the internet, looking up any information, videos, reviews, and resources that I could on the game. I sourced videos for eye-catching imagery that I then intertwined with my graphics and illustrations. The tough part of emails is to keep users engaged from the top all the way down to the bottom. The major CTAs and deals are often at the bottom, so we want to hold their attention long enough to click. It was important for me to bring the FIFA brand into this, as it is very recognizable to most players. I was teamed up with a copywriter, so we worked in tandem, playing off of each other's research and ideas.


I did a few versions of this email, playing with different graphic overlays and images. With four different sets of copy, each solution had to be unique in telling the story of Alex Hunter.

fifa_showcase_2 fifa_showcase_3